E-Commerce / Marketing & Sales, Luxuryia

My first entrepreneurial venture brought me a great deal of fulfillment. As a result of having to “wear” multiple “hats” every single day, this experience polished my business acumen; and skillset grow at a faster rate than at any other previously-held position.

I created an ethical fashion brand with its main distribution channels being the brand’s own e-commerce website and social media profiles [FB/IG].

Wearing the digital marketer “hat”, I designed and coded our website, optimized the site through google analytics, developed the brand identity,  grew our social media channels organically to over 100k+ followers, managed paid campaigns on FB and IG, created and maintained a blog to generate and grow traffic to the site, and on a daily basis created new compelling content for our channels (writing, photo-shooting, developing video, editing etc.).

Wearing the fashion designer “hat”, I co-designed three collections, sourced eco-friendly fabrics establishing relationships with vendors across the globe, oversaw sample-making and managed quality control.

Wearing the operations “hat”, I managed production (forecasting demand), fulfillment and shipping, handled all US customs requirements and forms, and handle the accounting.