Digital Marketing Consultant, LFG

Digital marketer & visual artist– specializing in luxury brands, fashion, and hospitality industries.

(1) Research & holistic analysis: Market, audience & competitive research before planning course of action— establishing best practices and growth opportunities, guiding acute analysis into action and results. Optimizing strategy through the review of KPIs.

(2) Solutions: developing a strategic cost-efficient plans that increase brand & product awareness, generate leads and drive traffic / sales.

(3) Creative execution: creative direction and production lead for all content generated to achieve the plan’s goals & ROI.

(4) Digital media placements & optimizations: organic on owned channels and paid advertising campaigns— continuously optimizing based on learnings from CRM, and platform analytics (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Maximizing impressions, engagement & conversions.


(1) Digital marketing & media strategy:
– Brand & product mktg
– Email marketing
– Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter
– Advertising: Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
– Influencer partnerships
– Affiliate marketing
(2) Creative & art direction:
– Campaign conceptualization for B2C
– Development of winning proposals for B2B
(3) Content creation:
– Photography
– Graphic design: branding, collateral, etc.
– Layout design
– Web design and UX development including custom CSS: WordPress, Shopify, Wix
(4) Analytics / Optimization
– Monitoring and optimization via CRMs (e.i. Hubspot, SalesForce, Mailchimp) and platform analytics
(5) Reporting:
– Establish and reporting on KPI’s / ROI