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Wearing a “WOW – ¿de-donde-es-tuvestido? – ¿te –puedotomaruna-foto?” red gown by Nathalie Kriado for her Kriado brand, I attended the XXII MAPR Gala on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 at the San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico.
Inspired by the dress itself, I combined Grace Kelly’s iconic hair-do with Marilyn Monroe’s iconic make-up style. Voila!
Con la diseñadora Nathalie Kriado (2nd de izquierda a derecha), y Kiara Liz Ortega (3ra).
Hair inspo: Grace Kelly. Make-up inspo: Marilyn Monroe.
Elsa Guzman
Angelica Medina
Con el ‘squad’ — posing all serious .
This is us– when the cameras are off.
Elsa Guzman
Your favorite couple: Angelica Medina y Alejandro Uriarte.
Turning into a pumpkin… but first, one last picture.