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I never miss a chance to take photo. So when I invited designer Stella Nolasco to join me on a day trip aboard the Olimpo, a close friend’s new boat, I suggested her to bring one her garments to photograph. Obviamente me hice una película en la mente, pero lo que logramos crear sobrepaso mis expectativas.
Stella humbly mentioned she’d like to shoot a kaftan from her latest collection– but to everyone’s surprise, Stella’s ”kaftan” is the sheer and bejeweled gown I’m wearing in these photographs. Not exactly what came to my mind when I heard “kaftan”.
When I put on the dress, I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning. Stella, my friend Elsa, and other guests in the boat, as well as other people in neighboring boats, started taking photographs. You couldn’t continue doing whatever it was that you were doing, you had to stop and stare. The dress is a show-stopping piece of art.
As we continued snapping photos, I found the courage to ask the Stella, the designer, to please PLEASE, let me use this dress for an upcoming red-carpet event in San Juan: Premios Tu Musica Urbano. Para mi gran sorpresa, Stella dijo que si.
The next day, we were in a meeting at the San Juan Hotel to discuss Stella’s upcoming fashion show when the woman who would crush my dream of wearing this dress serendipitously walked into that moment in time.  She’s that girl who you secretly want to hate but can’t— because she’s pretty, hot AF, smart AND nice… UGH! Plus, a pageant queen. UGH!
As soon as Zuleyka Rivera said hi to us, I knew it was over. Later that week Zuleyka would walk the red carpet with this dress. I was disappointed but very happy for Stella. I know the amount of hours that go into making a dress like this, and it deserved way more impressions than what I could give it right now. Zuleyka gave the dress and Stella the spotlight and the press they deserved.
Now I not only have these amazing pictures, but a good story to tell and an even better relationship with Stella.
Stella broke the news to me but followed it up with “don’t worry, I have something else in mind”. She went to the back and came back with a dress from her upcoming collection… not seen before.
The pictures can tell the rest of the story.

Premios Tu Música Urbano

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