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Digital Marketing Consultant, LFG

Digital marketer & visual artist– specializing in luxury brands, fashion, and hospitality industries.

(1) Research & holistic analysis: Market, audience & competitive research before planning course of action— establishing best practices and growth opportunities, guiding acute analysis into action and results. Optimizing strategy through the review of KPIs.

(2) Solutions: developing a strategic cost-efficient plans that increase brand & product awareness, generate leads and drive traffic / sales.

(3) Creative execution: creative direction and production lead for all content generated to achieve the plan’s goals & ROI.

(4) Digital media placements & optimizations: organic on owned channels and paid advertising campaigns— continuously optimizing based on learnings from CRM, and platform analytics (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Maximizing impressions, engagement & conversions.


(1) Digital marketing & media strategy:
– Brand & product mktg
– Email marketing
– Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter
– Advertising: Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
– Influencer partnerships
– Affiliate marketing
(2) Creative & art direction:
– Campaign conceptualization for B2C
– Development of winning proposals for B2B
(3) Content creation:
– Photography
– Graphic design: branding, collateral, etc.
– Layout design
– Web design and UX development including custom CSS: WordPress, Shopify, Wix
(4) Analytics / Optimization
– Monitoring and optimization via CRMs (e.i. Hubspot, SalesForce, Mailchimp) and platform analytics
(5) Reporting:
– Establish and reporting on KPI’s / ROI

B.A. in Business Administration, InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico


I feel especially proud of this accomplishment as this was the first goal I set in my young-adult life. The goal being to earn my bachelor’s degree by age 18— goal I accomplished while also being part of the University’s Student Council and while also working a fitness instructor.

This first step was an indication of what my professional life would become: a continuous search for knowledge and fulfillment, for wanting to be of meaningful service to society, and for never ending growth.

Ambassador / Talent, Teamwork: Talent Agency Certified Fitness Instructor: Fitness Gallery, International Fitness Center

As a brand ambassador my goal was to educate people, increase the client’s brand awareness and generate new sales opportunities. My job consisted on reaching out and engaging with people in different settings— an experience that greatly influenced the person who I’ve become— outgoing, and amicable.

As a on-camera talent, I played primary and secondary roles for multiple tv ads— an experience that forced me to step out of my comfort zone and commit to the role.

The fitness instructor experience amplified further my social skills, and showed me how gratifying it is to motivate and encourage people to do their best.

Digital Success Manager, Contactica: Digital Marketing Services Agency

The primary responsibility of this position was to communicate to clients what and how we could improve their bottomline through the strategic use the digital media available during this time. I became a liaison between clients, our marketing strategists and our production & creative services team—  serving as an integrator.

I helped manage the creation and launch of successful digital campaigns that complemented the client’s existing traditional-media campaigns— helping clients get on board with the new ways of reaching consumers and develop longer-lasting relationships with them through the new social media channels, and email marketing.

Project Manager, ING: Multinational Banking & Financial Services

ING promoted me to a leadership position after only 6 months; following the achievement of becoming the #1 performer by improving the processes already in place, increasing productivity by 31% while decreasing the number of possible errors.

While being the youngest person in the calculations department, I was entrusted a team of 33 direct-reports– experience that enabled me to master team and project management, operations analysis and performance optimization.

I oversaw the successful and timely completion of the project, which generated over $18M in revenue.

Marketing Project Manager, Guidewell Connect Agency

This position brought me back to the marketing and creative services arena; and introduced me to the health care industry. Guidewell Connect became the inside agency for Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, as well as agency to other external clients within the industry.

The primary responsibility of this role was to manage all of the Creative Director’s and Creative Service’s projects: scoping and planning these cross-functional projects with both internal and external resources, managing integration; and assuring their completion met our quality standards, deadlines and remained under budget.

I was entrusted to manage a wide range of projects from creative and operational to financial, including: digital content productions, social media campaigns, TV & Radio ad campaigns, and team performance and profitability analysis reports.

I was also entrusted to oversee, record-keep and reconcile the budget of our largest account, a budget of $27M; and thereafter assisted in post-campaign analysis and reporting.

E-Commerce / Marketing & Sales, Luxuryia

My first entrepreneurial venture brought me a great deal of fulfillment. As a result of having to “wear” multiple “hats” every single day, this experience polished my business acumen; and skillset grow at a faster rate than at any other previously-held position.

I created an ethical fashion brand with its main distribution channels being the brand’s own e-commerce website and social media profiles [FB/IG].

Wearing the digital marketer “hat”, I designed and coded our website, optimized the site through google analytics, developed the brand identity,  grew our social media channels organically to over 100k+ followers, managed paid campaigns on FB and IG, created and maintained a blog to generate and grow traffic to the site, and on a daily basis created new compelling content for our channels (writing, photo-shooting, developing video, editing etc.).

Wearing the fashion designer “hat”, I co-designed three collections, sourced eco-friendly fabrics establishing relationships with vendors across the globe, oversaw sample-making and managed quality control.

Wearing the operations “hat”, I managed production (forecasting demand), fulfillment and shipping, handled all US customs requirements and forms, and handle the accounting.


Business Marketing Consultant, BLOCKv: Blockchain Tech

Blockchain Marketing Start-Up

As it is true in any start-up, I had to wear multiple hats while achieving the goals I was hired to achieve.
– Market research in collaboration with the team — to establish targets, and formulate a go-to-market strategic plan to attain corporate clients.
– Developing of winning B2B proposals and presentations.
– Managing of company’s and CEO’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn): communications strategy, content calendar for scheduling (Hootsuite), layout design, graphics design, content creation (photography / copy) and community management (monitoring and following up with positive and negative feedback in all web sources).
– Collaborating with the team in developing marketing strategy creating.
– Analyzing potential strategic partner relationships for company marketing.

Other tasks included:
– Managing the sourcing and communications with outside professionals (e.g. outsourced creative team, event promoters, agency execs, photographers, videographers, etc.), continuously working alongside them to ensure accuracy.
– Managed corporate setups in Puerto Rico following the tax incentives law, known as Act 20: Export Services.
– Managed the finances of multiple accounts and business ledgers: bookkeeping, reconciling, managing inter-company billing, currency exchanges and international banking complexities.
– Oversaw offices real estate transactions and negotiations.

Senior Marketing Manager, Onestone Capital

– Managed all marketing activity (consisting mostly of digital) to achieve sell of our listings in less than 6 months. Listings included both residential and commercial properties.
– Managed the marketing of each one of our rental listings– a real estate portfolio comprised of residential properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.
(A) Content creation & promotion of listings:
(1) Development of visuals: photography, videos, virtual video tours, and graphics for print, and (mostly) web-based media.
(2) Development of copy for website, ad campaigns, social media posts, events, MLS listings, etc.
(3) Managing of all listing promotions through: advertising buys (Google, Facebook, MLS services), email marketing, and recurring updates & postings to “owned” channels following geo-tag and hashtag strategies.
(B) Lead generation & communications management through CRM – initial contact, custom communications, showings, meetings and follow-ups.
(C) Optimization of marketing activities: continuously keeping track of what works and what doesn’t to adjust them to perform better.

  • Managed company’s entire marketing budget.